Top Drupal Social Media Modules

This is a list of the top 5 Drupal 7 Social Media modules in my opinion.  There may be a few more out there that you prefer, but these are easy to use and well known, updated modules.  I hope you all enjoy!

Social Media:

The social media module easily helps you add social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+ to your website. It provides a easy to use set-up wizard to help you start sharing with minimal experience. This is a stand alone module and requires no additional modules to operate although Widgets and Token are recommended.

Easy social:

This is a great, easy to use module to add share buttons to your nodes. Default widgets include Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. Easy Social also adds up all your shares to show you just how well your particular post is doing. Requires the Variable module.


This is one of my favourites. Very easy to set-up, lots of features and a nice choice of layouts. Sharethis now has a floating side bar that stays on the screen when scrolling. Tons of social bookmarking sites are included, along with those great counters!

Share Buttons (AddToAny):

This module helpers your readers and subscribers share, email and bookmark your articles and pages using the popular services such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and over 100 more.


This is the #1 bookmarking and sharing button on the net. Simple and easy to use button that’s used by 14 million websites worldwide and reaching 1.3 billion people worldwide per month.

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